The SETSCO-SRCI Training & Testing Center (SSRCITTC), (a subsidiary of Penguin International Ltd.) was established in November 1999. The institute is the pioneer Training and Testing Center (TTC) of its kind so far established in Bangladesh. As nature of trade, SSRCITTC is the only mechanical institute in Bangladesh established under Joint Collaboration with Singapore - and approved by Building Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore for skill training in Steel Structural Fitting, Welding, Pipe Fitting, Electrical Wiring Installation, Thermal Insulation, Timber Door, Acoustic Ceiling, Fibrous Plaster Ceiling, Interior Dry wall, Ducting Air Con & Ventilation, Scaffolding, Steel Reinforcement, Timber Form Work, Water Proofing, Plumbing and it's related trade fields. The medium of training instruction is in English.




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